Articulated Measuring Arms with Laser FORK for PIPE INSPECTION



R-EVO-TUBE: an articulated measuring arm with touch probe and LASER FORK and a dedicated software.


The touch probe and the LASER FORK mount are based on Renishaw autojoint allowing auto-recognition and no need of calibration.


ALL THE DATA YOU NEED for your PIPE inspection


The R-EVO-TUBE system is able to scan, inspect, reproduce and kind of bent pipe, analyzing the basic data of a pipe as the center axis and the bends vertex, including bend radius, bend angles and straight segments between the bends. Data report can be exported in YBC or XYZ formats.


LASER FORK or TOUCH PROBE suitable in any environment


The LASER FORK is a Class 2 Laser suitable in any environment. It triggers on any kind of material without particular settings and it is, as the whole system including the arm, a IP51 protection grade device. The arm and the probes are temperature compensated and can work normally from 5 to 45 degrees C.




R-EVO-TUBE package is including:

  • 1 R-EVO-7 7axes articulated arm
  • 1 Laser fork between available size: 30, 50, 80, 150mm
  • R-EVO-TUBE: 1 software license TUBE INSPECT for pipe and geometric elements inspection (NO-CAD)
  • R-EVO-TUBE CAD: 1 software license TUBE INSPECT STUDIO for pipe and geometric elements inspection, with possibility to import CAD models (IGES, STEP formats) and get a direct comparison against CAD.

Reporting, correction and interface with BENDING MACHINES

R-EVO-TUBE can measure, report and correct the pipe bending program directly by an interface with the pipe bending machine. The information of the measured pipe, in YBC or other format, can be copied or directly transmitted to the bending machine, correcting the program into the machine controller, adjusting the parameters according to the measured values.

The powerful software can align and best fit the measured pipe values into the part nominals with much more accuracy than any fixture or other measuring method.


R-EVO-TUBE system accuracy Data Table

R-EVO-TUBE Measuring range (dia.)
2.5 - 7 axes2.5m
3.0 - 7 axes3.0m
4.0 - 7 axes4.0m
5.0 - 7 axes5.0m
6.0 - 7 axes6.0m
7.0 - 7 axes7.0m
9.0 - 7 axes9.0m
*We provide accuracy verification certificate according international norms as:
ASME B89.4.22-2004
Typically the real values obtained from the hardware are 20% better than the specification

All RPS Metrology products are Made in Italy
RPS Metrology is ISO9001:2015 certified company

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