Articulated measuring arm with laser scanner

Based on the excellent R-EVO7 R version, the R-SCAN scanning system is applying a high-performance laser scanner on the top class RPS arm.

Laser Scanning

The R-SCAN BLUE Laser Line Probe, is an optically-superior blue laser technology, based on R-EVO 7 axes arm. It delivers very good scanning results with higher resolution and low noise, enabling it to capture smaller details in an object. The blue laser provides a fast and accurate solution for 3D Inspection or Reverse-Engineering.


The R-SCAN with its 400Hz sample count frequency, gives a new level experience for a lightning fast acquiring speed.

Great scanning speed at best accuracy

The R-SCAN scanners have excellent capability to acquire 3D shape and details in very short time.

R-SCAN scanner is available for all the R-EVO7 arms series R, the fastest scanner for the best accurate arm line.

Good results on every material

With the BLUE or RED light wave frequency combined with its CMOS sensors, R-SCAN is excellent for any kind of material.  Perfect performance in extreme conditions of use: glossy or shiny as well as deep dark colors can be scanned easily. The driver software is automatically controlling the power and exposure of the laser to adapt to the scanning material in use.

The largest depth of field

The stand-off distance of the scanner from the part is critical for a manual scanning equipment. RPS Scanners are capable of a very large DOF allowing the user to move with great freedom scanning over the parts, without paying too much attention and reaching very deep parts, difficult to access.


Driver and plug-ins available for many metrology or reverse-engineering software solutions, right software for the right need.

Easy and repeatable swap between laser scanning and touch probe

Thanks to the autojoint mount, easy and quick change between laser scanner and touch probe. The laser scanner, however, include an integrated touch probe which can be used without removing the scanner.


Why choose R-EVO R-SCAN

RPS metrology flagship arm R-EVO R is delivering the best performance with touch probing and laser scanning. This is a product going together with the philosophy of RPS since the beginning: best performance with no compromise, to be a real reliable partner for manufacturers and institutes around the globe.

R-EVO R can give the users more confidence to follow up products developments and processes, together with the right testing equipment and reach a better competitiveness.

R-EVO Model R

The state-of-the-art technology and components:

Special composite materials:

Model R is using special carbon fiber and other composites assembled together with a modern process of heat treatment for a perfect reliable stability and accuracy over the time of use.

Hi-grade accuracy encoders:

RPS uses only selected hi-performance encoders to obtain the best angle reading for each mechanical joint.


On each of 6 or 7 joints used in model R are installed the highest level precision bearings available on the market.

The first widest range of product available from 2 to 9 meters range!

R-EVO is available in 10 different size from 2.0m range up to 9.0m range

R-EVO: the articulated measurement solutions with optimal configuration:

Compliant to the most demanding accuracy standard

  • ISO 10360-12 accuracy standards for touch probe measurements
  • ISO 10360-8 for laser scanning

Extraordinary usability and portability

  • SFC counterbalance system, unique of its type, for excellent comfortable use
  • Overall lightweight
  • Autojoint for quick swap of probes without need to recalibrate
  • Very large range of operating temperature with automatic compensation
  • Battery with up to 22h autonomy

Integrated Wireless connection

  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless onboard on every arm

Easy mount on any support

  • Standard base plate, magnetic base, mobile tripod, and customized options.

Wide range of size available

  • The first widest range of product available from 2 to 4.5m range, and with the TITANIUM version 5,6,7 and up to 9 meters range!

Software compatibility:

  • Driver and plug-ins available for many metrology or reverse-engineering software solutions.

Superior Laser Scanning solutions R-SCAN and S-SCAN available

R-EVO is available in 10 different size.

Check out our available size here below:

R-EVO R-Scan Measuring range (dia.)Maximum extension (dia.)
2.0 - 6 axes2.0m2.26m
2.5 - 6 axes2.5m2.76m
3.0 - 6 axes3.0m3.26m
3.5 - 6 axes3.5m3.76m
4.0 - 6 axes4.0m4.26m
4.5 - 6 axes4.5m4.76m
R-EVO Titanium Measuring range (dia.)Maximum extension (dia.)
5.0 - 6 axes5.0m5.26m
6.0 - 6 axes6.0m6.26m
7.0 - 6 axes7.0m7.26m
9.0 - 6 axes9.0m9.26m
*We provide accuracy verification certificate according international norms as: ISO10360-12
Tipically the real values obtained from the hardware are 20% better than the specification

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