Big Tripod Stands for metrology applications

Among the range of accessories and stands, the RPS tripod is made in steel and it’s heavy and reliable for high precision measurements when you really need to go HIGH!

It features a mount ring of 3 ½” on top of the column to quickly mount LASER TRACKERS and any instruments with the standard thread mount.

It is adjustable in height. Total height from the floor with the column can be up to 9m.  Foot print of the tripod is more than 2m.

Thanks to the hydraulic system, the column can be lifted and lowered with smooth movement, using the leverage at the base.

There are wheels below the tripods legs, so the user can easily move around the tripod in the workshop. With an hydraulic pump system the retractile wheels can be lifted and the whole weight of the structure gently drops on 3 point pads under the legs, ensuring perfect stability.

Excellent stability for measurements at great height, especially with Laser Trackers. Here above tripod in action with API laser tracker with tripod set at the 4.5m height.

Big tripod stands is available in 3 model size, with footprint of 2m dia.

Technical specifications:

Min height
Max height
Range – Height from the ground base