EVO 7: the reference point in articulated measurement arms


  • The RPS Metrology EVO 7 arm is setting the standard for the new generation articulated measurement arms.
    It is a portable articulated arm CMM for fast and accurate 3D inspection, directly on the workshop.
  • EVO 7 arm can be use from anybody and does not require long training.
    It has no need for calibrations or warm-up time, thanks to its extremely reliable mechanical and electronical design, the automatic temperature compensation and the lightweight structure.
    Its made in carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium and other composite materials.
  • With its standard quick mount (3 ½ inches) it can be used on portable tripods, magnetic base, or any customized mobile support, offers extreme repeatability even in the worse conditions of dust, humidity and temperature.
  • Portability is the key! EVO arm is a real portable measurement device: it is equipped with wireless (Wi-Fi) and Li-ion battery pack for 22 hours working time (tactile) and 8 hours with Laser Scanners.
  • RPS Metrology arms are interfaced with the most popular software for 3D Inspection and Reverse Engineering like Verisurf®, InnovMetric PolyWorks®, 3D Systems Geomagic®

The best of flexibility in use is represented by the EVO 7 used both in tactile probe configuration or with Laser Scanners. EVO 7 is your choice for touch probe inspection, getting the possibility to switch to Laser Scanning any time you need.
Upgrade your EVO-7 to EVO-X! It’s enough to attach the RPS “X” laser scanner and you get a powerful EVO-X scanning arm, available with RED or BLUE line laser.

Measuring range (dia.) Volumetric accuracy (mm)* Repeatability (SPAT test in mm)* Weight (Kg)
2.0 - 7 axes 2.0m 0.034 0.025 7,8
2.5 - 7 axes 2.5m 0.043 0,030 8,1
3.0 - 7 axes 3.0m 0.055 0,037 8,5
4.0 - 7 axes 4.0m 0.080 0.068 8,9
5.0 - 7 axes 5.0m 0.119 0.085 10,6
6.0 - 7 axes 6.0m 0.143 0.127 12,9
7.0 - 7 axes 7.0m 0.179 0.134 14,1
*We provide accuracy verification certificate according international norms as:
ASME B89.4.22-2004
Tipically the real values obtained from the hardware are 20% better than the specification

All RPS Metrology products are Made in Italy
RPS Metrology is ISO9001:2015 certified company